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life stories: The R.M. Davis Experience

The best way to learn how R.M. Davis helps you manage the business of life is to read what we’ve done for other clients. The composite stories below incorporate some of the complex challenges and opportunities we have helped actual clients resolve. We invite you to contact us to discuss how we might apply similar strategies to managing your wealth.

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Supporting a Child's or Grandchild's Education

With the spiraling costs of higher education, funding a college savings plan can be the gift of a lifetime from parents to a child—or grandparents to both a grandchild and his or her parents. We make the complicated process and decisions simple.

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"When Can I Retire?"

After years of caring for her elderly mom, a daughter’s financial picture changes upon the parent’s passing. But how does she know when it’s okay to retire? Read how our financial planning process helps answer the question.

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Maximizing the Benefits You Already Have

Keeping track of old insurance policies can be daunting, and their benefits are not top-of-mind when incidents occur. Knowing what to look for and the questions to ask is second nature to us. 

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Fixing Underinsurance Before It Becomes a Burning Issue

Having the proper level of insurance on a home is one of those critical details that can easily be overlooked, until an event precipitates a claim. Fortunately, details are something that we take seriously at R.M. Davis.

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Managing Day-to-Day Financial Affairs

R.M. Davis’s Personal Affairs Administrator substantially enhanced an elderly couple’s peace of mind— and their relationship of trust and caring with the firm.

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Preserving the Legacy of a Family Vacation Home

A family vacation home is a unique asset, with much more than financial value, but ownership gets more complicated with each generation. Read how we helped a client create a legacy by passing a lakefront home on to children and future generations.