A Message from Our Founder

Robert M. Davis, Founder 

When I started R. M. Davis in 1978, my objective was to provide investment counsel and financial planning services to individuals who lived in or had a connection to Maine. My overarching goal was to offer my clients straightforward answers and uncomplicated solutions – what I would want to receive if I were someone who had a reasonable amount of wealth and the normal challenges that are attendant to it.


I wanted my clients to be able to deal directly with practitioners in my firm who would respond to questions with professional advice and appropriate guidance. My clients would never have to deal with salespeople, nor would they ever be sold a product or service by us that involved a commission. All advice would be unbiased and timely. Further, my company would be staffed by highly educated people who shared my vision and passion for helping clients of means optimize and leverage opportunities to manage their wealth. In other words, the firm would aim to assist these clients in being good stewards of their financial resources.


An important goal of the firm was to work with different generations of clients within family units, assisting with intergenerational wealth transfer decisions including estate planning, gifting, education funding and trustee responsibilities. In this regard, my objective was to become a trusted confidant who would collaborate with families and their other advisors to define and implement solutions to important financial challenges.


Ultimately, the keys to success or failure would be integrity and trust. These values could only be earned over time, but they could be lost in a moment’s notice. Therefore, it was critical that the representatives of R. M. Davis have sound codes of ethics and a fundamental belief that their own personal interests would be subservient to those of the firm’s clients. After all was said and done, it was the firm’s reputation that would differentiate it from all other providers of financial services and become the hallmark of its success.


After many years now, I can still look back and say, yes, we have been true to our goals and to our principles.



Robert M. Davis