Portfolio Management Philosophy

Our investment process begins with the exploration of long-term economic, social, and geopolitical trends. Based on emerging or evolving trends, we establish a framework which guides and informs our day-to-day research and portfolio management decisions.

Our research analysts search for investment opportunities that are in the best position to capitalize on these trends before they gain greater visibility and momentum. Our analysts conduct in-depth quantitative and fundamental research, complemented with face-to-face meetings with the leaders of candidate companies and on-site visits to their plants, factories, and offices.

This thorough analysis leads us to high quality companies led by people of proven capabilities, possessing strong financial fundamentals, and offering a line of products or services which are poised to experience accelerating demand.

We are patient investors and will commit your capital when these high quality companies can be purchased at a discount to their intrinsic value and meet our stringent credit standards.

Our focus on long-term trends, investment research, and applied investment valuation discipline leads us to opportunities with potential while steering away from short-lived investment fads.

Your portfolio will be structured based on your individual objectives and risk parameters. It will include equities or bonds of large and mid-sized companies that compete in the domestic or global markets.